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A System You May Never Have to Change

October 16, 2018


A life span that does not lie

Marcotte Systems is recognized for having successfully evolved in the construction industry for several decades. What is less known, however, is the longevity of its systems. Indeed, hundreds of our customers are still working efficiently using platforms that we set up at their plant at the turn of the millennium.

How can this long life span be explained?

The reason is simple, and distinguishes us from our competitors; since the very beginning Marcotte has designed its systems based on an open and non-proprietary platform. An open platform is defined as “a communication, interconnection or exchange protocol whose technical specifications are public and without access restriction or implementation”. In other words, our system design and foundations are not patented and closed to other computing environments; instead, the protocols used are those of the Microsoft environment and are always evolving. This difference is well established in our corporate culture and is one of the values that makes our employees most proud.

The advantage for our customers

The beauty of this approach is that the systems we implement are not static in time, but rather benefit from a continuous improvement process. Through the annual software updates that we offer, the improvements to our systems not only benefit our newest customers, but also those who have been with us since the beginning. Marcotte systems are designed to be the best, to continue to improve over time and to constantly be compatible with the latest technologies.

Affordable and readily available hardware                                       

This philosophy also transpires in the use of non-proprietary hardware for our customer installations. Unlike our competitors that manufacture and implement their own hardware, Marcotte systems can be installed on common equipment that can be bought off-the-shelf at most electronics retailers. While competing proprietary systems require continuous and ongoing investments to keep them up-do date, and significant investments in case of hardware failure, Marcotte systems allow customers to minimize set-up and operating costs throughout the lifespan of their installation.

That is why we can proudly say that by choosing Marcotte, you may never have to change your system again.


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