About us

Marcotte Systems is a North-American leader in the design and implementation of smarter, faster, flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use software solutions for the construction industry.



Marcotte Systems was founded in Alberta in 1975 by Mr. Denis Marcotte. The construction industry was booming and the company established a strong foothold in the programming and optimization of industrial process controls for the ready-mix industry.

Following its relocation to Quebec in 1979, the company added software solutions for the concrete industry. Batch operators quickly recognized how efficient and easy-to-use the products were. Marcotte’s reputation soon spread across Canada and attracted attention in the eastern United-States.

Production performance and design excellence

From the outset, the company valued production performance and design excellence. Each individual plant was considered unique and treated accordingly. Marcotte’s services were often solicited by prestigious engineering firms for international projects involving complex and unique processes.

In the 90’s, Marcotte extended its solutions to the asphalt production industry. Upon its founder’s retirement, the company was on solid footing, fielding a strong contingent of brilliant and experienced engineers. Under the new leadership, the company continued to grow and made a paradigm shift to process control. Process sequencing and configuration were migrated from PLC systems to the fast growing Windows® platform. And as the Internet surged, Marcotte caught the wave and leveraged its technology advantages. Remote batching, centralized dispatch and web reporting quickly became distinctive innovative features of Marcotte’s specialized offer.

flexible & adaptable

Today, with more than 850 sites in operation, Marcotte builds a mature and fully integrated suite of software solutions for the North-American and international markets. The corporate values of flexibility and openness are at the core of our strategy of supplying process freedom to empower the competitiveness of each and every one of our customers.