With more than 850 sites installed across North-America, Marcotte has extensive expertise and experience in configuring perfect-fit solutions quickly and efficiently. Solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Fast and cost efficient training and certification


More often than not, the integration of new operational software entails the commitment of precious man-hours and considerable financial resources in order for each team member to attend user conferences, web seminars or onsite training sessions to become familiar with the intricacies of the new system.

At Marcotte, we have a long history of truly understanding the daily realities of the ready-mix industry. That is why each of our software solutions was designed with ease-of-use as a core specification.

Furthermore, we know that your competitive edge requires that each member of your team be as knowledgeable and efficient as possible. To that end, Marcotte has introduced SMART software certification programs for the ready-mix industry. This innovative form of training is cost efficient, flexible and adaptable to your business realities.

SMART online certification

Your team can now connect online from anywhere, anytime, to follow the simple instructions and complete the training prep exercise as well as the exam for each of the four certification programs in a matter of minutes.

Batching – Marcotte Control

Dispatch – Marcotte Operation

Quality Control – Marcotte Quality

Financials, Reporting, Mobility – Marcotte Management


What’s in it for you

  • Your team is rapidly fully operational – short learning curve;
  • You quickly access and control the full power of the software and reap the inherent benefits;
  • Your team is continuously up-to-speed;
  • A Certificate of completion is remitted to each individual having successfully completed a program ensuring peer recognition;
  • You gain valuable customer/market credibility and sustain your reputation as an industry leader;
  • You save precious manpower and financial resources that can be better invested in generating additional revenue.

Marcotte Customers with a Gold or Platinum support and maintenance agreement are eligible for one free user access. For more information on the certification programs and available volume discounts, please contact our customer care team: