Software for the asphalt industry

Improve your business efficiency, today and tomorrow, with the help of smarter, faster, flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use software.

Marcotte Control

software for the asphalt industry


  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Improve product quality and customer service;
  • Implement predictability.


To achieve higher profitability, you must maximise the yield per hour and ensure that the batch operator remains in full control.

Marcotte Control Smart features allow you to adjust, in real time, the required quantity of each batch constituent during batch execution. The batch mix is automatically fine-tuned during the process while preserving volumetric yield and key ratios.

Your mixes are balanced using all parameters such as moisture and temperature, granularity, absorption, density and local material properties. Since batch flexibility is controlled at the mix design level, Marcotte Control Smart features give your mix designers total control. The end result is consistent quality.

Process sequences can accommodate multi-batch, freewheeling and sub-second instrumentation and controls. Real-time, interactive animated graphics supply an instant overview of the process. Batch operators can execute locally or remotely with the same level of confidence thanks to the remarkable speed and unique architecture of Marcotte Control.

Vital Features

Process Automation

Intuitive and complete functions to consistently control and sequence equipment as per order requirements.
Virtual Manual Panel

Provides an improved and uncluttered work environment by eliminating a bulky physical panel.

Cold Feed Controls

Integrates this operation within your batching process as to avoid interruptions due to lack of materials.

Advanced Features

Virtual Discharge Sequence

Visually configures flexible discharge sequences as to easily batch specialty mixes.

Smart Moisture

Enables producers to consistently produce quality, batch-afterbatch, and in real-time, despite environmental changes.

Smart Recycling

Smart Recycling allows producers to re-use recycled materials, when applicable, and/or desired.

Key Attributes

User-Friendly Interface

Our easy to use visual interface speeds up the learning curve of your employees, improve their productivity and reduce the risk of human errors.
Open Process Controls

Plant controls may be easily and efficiently integrated, facilitating maintenance and providing a single point of operation.

Built-in Plant Simulator

This easy-to-learn and operate, lifelike feature shows the eventual real effects of alternative conditions and courses of action without impacting various forms of reports.

Remote Batching

Labor costs can be optimized according to production capacity and commitments as well as by combining job responsibilities for better operational cost control.


  • Increase productivity
  • Provide flexibility
  • System ease of use
  • Maintain quality consistency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimize resource utilization

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