Software for the Precast and Masonry industries

Improve your business efficiency, today and tomorrow, with the help of smarter, faster, flexible, adaptable and easy-to-use software.

Marcotte Management

software for the precast and masonry industry

Constant mechanical strength

  • Accurately attain water to cement ratios and slump with real-time moisture measurement and compensation
  • Easily balance your mixes using admixture sub-recipes and flexible sequencing parameters
  • Quickly access historical batch records and settings for continuous improvements

Constant color & texture

  • Easily balance your mixes using flexible color sub-recipes
  • Quickly adjust color sequencing and blending for a variety of combinations
  • Accurately attain water to cement ratios with real-time moisture measurement and compensation


  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Improve product quality and customer service;
  • Implement predictability.


Marcotte Management for concrete products enables you to closely monitor performance and integrate key elements with accounting.

Integration to QuickbooksTM and export capabilities to ExcelTM are standard features. There are no limits to system integration with Open API. This module comes with an open programming interface that leverages web standards in software integration. Automate almost every transaction you would normally perform from the software interface: order entry, inventory transactions, mix designs…The data manipulation features provide a comprehensive set of import and export capabilities.

Use Marcotte Management to tighten your supply chain and optimize your cash flow. The software provides a built-in interface for invoicing your customer, managing their credit line and collecting receivables. It also comes with complete inventory management. Your stock consumption and current position are always precise.

Vital Features

Customer Management

Managers can easily access all customer information in one easy to use data base. With our Smart Search you ca easily access all information based on an alpha numerical search.

Accelerate invoicing submittal to generate accurate, error-free invoices safeguarding cashflow, which is the lifeblood of a business.

Reporting Tools

Allows you to benchmark and overview your production, delivery, scheduling and quality control operations in order to follow your company’s results and bring adjustments when needed.

Advanced Features

Key Performance Indicators

Marcotte generates a numerous KPI’s that are adjustable to your operations. You will be able to benchmark your plant and delivery performances to your day to day targets.


Marcotte Dashboards provides managers the monitoring and control mechanisms they need to control delivery costs in order to enhance productivity, quality, and overall client satisfaction.

Auditing Tools

This feature provides the ability to View all changes made in the software by who and when.

Key Attributes

Mobile Integration

This feature can also be used with Marcotte’s Remote Batching to control a plant from a mobile device.
Data Import / Export

Managers can easily transfer data from Marcotte to a 3rd party system that they are already using in order to manage their operations as seamless as possible (ERP’s, SAP, Quickbooks…)


  • Increase productivity
  • Provide flexibility
  • System ease of use
  • Maintain quality consistency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimize resource utilization

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