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Marcotte Operation

software for the ready-mix industry


  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Improve product quality and customer service;
  • Implement predictability.

Dispatching and delivery tracking

Improve your bottom line and maximise customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Your customers want the right product according to their schedule. You want to minimize the amount of resources needed in order to meet their demand. These are complex constraints to reconcile but they are essential to your profitability and the satisfaction of your customer.

Marcotte Operation is designed to support you from the quotation phase to job scheduling, order entry, resource planning, material planning, dispatching and delivery.

Marcotte Operation allows you to control costs by centralizing your dispatching while performing batching from the closest plant to the delivery site. Orders may include hardware items, equipment or important customer requests. Marcotte Operation communicates the order to your batch operators and ensures nothing is left behind.

Vital Features

Order Entry / Ticketing

Standardizes order entry amongst dispatchers with the ability to quickly stack orders for batch production to accurately deliver committed orders
Job Delivery / Dynamic Scheduling

Provides dispatchers with real-time delivery scheduling and planning data which computes into a dynamic delivery schedule to eliminate over / under bookings for true cost savings

Truck Tracking / Positioning

Sends dispatchers, via GPS or other forms of communication, real-time truck auto-statusing, tracking, and positioning, to provide resource utilization and availability at any given time

Advanced Features

Centralized Dispatching

Centralizes order taking and dispatching activities for greater efficiency to optimize resource utilization and improve customer service

Multi-mix Handling

Schedule multiple mix designs within an order to match the evolution of your customers’ pours.

GPS Interfacing

Provides critical real-time information with regard to fleet positioning and concrete metrics during the delivery process.

Volumetric Truck Control

Integrate the management of mobile mix plants and volumetric trucks within your dispatching operations.

Key Attributes

Smart Search Engine

This smart tool enables users to retrieve any information related to an alphanumerical query
Truck Demand Graph

Provides the ability to maximize resource utilization more efficiently and bridge gaps, where required. Also accessible via mobile devices.

Performance Analysis

Self-improvement tool for dispatchers to learn from and optimize their performance based on actual dispatching activities.


  • Increase productivity
  • Provide flexibility
  • System ease of use
  • Maintain quality consistency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimize resource utilization

Aiming at improving your overall performance even more? Marcotte Optimization is your answer.