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The efficiency and productivity of Ready-Mix producers, big and small, are often treacherously undermined by glitches all along the logistics chain. Taken in isolation, they often seem without any real consequence. But, as a whole, they can play havoc with your reputation as well as significantly impact your bottom line.


All of the smart management features of Marcotte eTicket work in conjunction with other smart features in the full Marcotte system for a complete, integrated solution.

Vital Features

eTicket viewer

Enables truck driver to view the ticket related to the current job. Provides driver with all relevant information pertaining to the job such as customer name, job site address, on site contact name, mix description, usage, slump and delivery time. Driver can proactively prepare for an optimized loading of the truck.

eTicket add-ons

Driver has the flexibility to add specific notes, pictures and/or any additional billable materials used during the pour to ensure accuracy of what will be invoiced and provide future assessment of the job using vocal recognition if so desired.

eTicket confirmation

Enables digitized signature directly on site in order for the customer to confirm and accept all charges which prevents potential future quality and billing disputes. The signing customer can enter multiple email addresses directly on the tablet to instantly receive the required number of copies of the eTicket (engineer, contractor, project manager, accounting, etc.). This speeds up and simplifies the payment process.

eTicket reports

Consult and share your archived eTicket pdf documents swiftly through advanced search criteria such as customer name, order number, job number, date, truck and plant. Reduce clerical work bottlenecks, human errors and increase customer response time and client satisfaction.

Advanced Features

Call board function

Provides truck driver with loading queue in order to proactively prepare and optimize the delivery process.


Provides route guidance and real-time information on current traffic and the estimated time of arrival. Prevent truck scheduling conflicts and provide better customer service.

Truck status

Allows driver to record truck status manually without the need of a GPS solution. Dispatcher works with real time information for optimal job delivery scheduling.

eTicket to invoice

Seamlessly accelerate ticket information submission to generate accurate, error free invoices and improve cash flow.

Key Attributes


Water/cement ratio is automatically recalculated and recorded if additional water is added.
User friendly interface

Our easy to use visual interface speeds up the learning curve of your employees. Improve their productivity and reduce the risk of human error.


Full compatibility to any device and/or browser increasing equipment flexibility.

Data import / export

Managers can easily transfer data from Marcotte to a 3rd party system that they are already using in order to manage their operations as seamlessly as possible (ERP’s, SAP®, QuickBooks®, etc.)

Offline synchronisation

Data is recorded in real time on the tablet, even in locations with poor or inexistent transmission capabilities. It is subsequently synchronised once signal strength is back up to par.

Marcotte eTicket : a simple and affordable solution

This latest component to the proven and trusted Marcotte MANAGEMENT software is a multi-platform solution that provides real-time data at each step of the delivery process, from the moment a ticket is issued up until the truck returns to the plant following a pour.

With a tablet and Marcotte’s eTicket

Allows driver to record truck status manually, without the need of a GPS solution

The water/cement ratio is automatically recalculated if additional water is added

Your driver has the flexibility to add any relevant element to the job ticket: notes, photographs, additional billable items, even using vocal recognition

He can add a digitized onsite client signature that confirms all charges and instantly forward the document via email

Your driver has instant access to all data relevant to his load

Profit from significant competitive advantages

  • Increased delivery efficiency
  • Complete data integrity from order to invoice
  • Improved invoicing accuracy and speed
  • Eliminate claims risks
  • Reduced operational costs
  • System ease of use
  • Unlimited user and truck licensing mode
  • No capital investment – pay per month subscription

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