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Marcotte Optimization

software for the ready-mix industry


  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Improve product quality and customer service;
  • Implement predictability.

Operations fine-tuning

Maximize sales revenue and minimize operational costs.

Marcotte Optimization is a suite of features that aims to optimize every process of your plant.

Dispatch optimizer will lighten the burden of plant dispatchers by optimizing resource allocations, visualizing complex processes and automating redundant tasks. Management Optimizer offers unique features to make better operational decisions and to enhance the predictability of raw material replenishment.

Batching Optimizer analyzes real time information about temperature, moisture and slump to, for example, optimize concrete quality and consistency. This suite of rich functionalities reduces claim costs and increase customer satisfaction to an even higher level. Quality Optimizer is the best guaranty to meet customer’s quality specifications.

operation_iDISPATCH Optimizer

Smart Deliveries

Gain access to reliable and up-to date information all along the delivery process. Get the optimal use of your truck fleet and meet the most demanding customer requirements.
Advanced Scheduling

Thanks to an easy virtual interface, dispatchers can rapidly and seamlessly prepare their schedules, taking all parameters into consideration.


The system automatically dispatches trucks for a specific job site. By activating this feature, dispatchers will be able to monitor more jobs at the same time and therefore will see their productivity increased.

management_iMANAGEMENT Optimizer

Client Scoring

This feature is a decision making tool that allows you to avoid problematic customers and to focus on lucrative orders, in order to increase your overall sales revenue.

Smart Raw Material Requirement Timeline

This features streamlines your raw material replenishment process, which allows you to service clients according to committed schedules and to plan your procurement ahead in a timely manner at all times.

control_iBATCHING Optimizer

Smart Temperature

Capturing the temperature from the probes, your Marcotte System analyzes this real time information and proposes wise batching adjustments. At the end of the line, the objective is to reinforce the consistency of your products and to minimize your raw material cost.
Smart Slurry

Consistently producing quality products offers producers the ability to adhere to important ecological rules and regulations while maintaining operational efficiencies and costs.

quality_iQUALITY Optimizer

Smart Slump

Thanks to an innovative design, the Marcotte system can evaluate the concrete slump based on the mixer amperage variation. Operators have now access to real time slump information to optimize their time and to stop mixing when concrete has reached the slump requirement.
Smart Yield

Eliminate potential over/under-production during the batching process caused by volumetric adjustments. Precision in the quantity being produced generates drastic savings while maintaining quality and customer commitments.

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